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Marking Li-Pol battery

In previous article we've told you about models of batteries of e-readers with E-ink screens.

We have accumulated quite a lot of information on batteries, which are used in modern tablets and e-readers with TFT and IPS screens. To ease the problem of finding, buying and replacing the panels in your device, this information has been kept in the general table below.

All batteries, which are used in modern tablets Lithium - Polymer (Li-Pol). They are a flat rectangular bag with the findings. Such batteries are usually marked as shown on the left. In marking it's already laid dimensions of the product, so you can search the batteries in the shops, throwing the factory code. In this case, the search can provide more results.

If the battery's terminals are made insulated wires (usually positive - red and negative - black), inside of the bag except the battery there is a charge controller, which protects the battery from overcharge and overdischarge. If the findings are made in the form of narrow metal plates, there is no charge controller inside a battery.

In the table section "Link" below the icons with arrows are references to web page - shops offering this battery model.

Mo­del of tab­letMar­king of bat­te­ryCa­pa­ci­ty, mAhDi­men­si­ons, mmBuy
3Q Surf RC0702B4010010040004x100x100    
ASUS FE170C11P132739104.0x91x91    
ASUS Google Nexus 7 2013 ME571C11P130339504.0x91x91    
ASUS MEMO PAD ME137XC11P130439503.5x91x91
ASUS MEMO PAD ME172VC11-ME172V4270    
ASUS MEMO PAD ME173C11P130439503.5x91x91
ASUS MEMO Pad SMART ME301TC11-ME301T5070    
ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300CLC11P150248903.0x108x108    
ASUS ZenPad C 70 Z710CGC11P142933203.0x64x120    
Acer iconia A1-810AC13F3L5020    
Alcatel OneTouch P320X POP8TLP041C240603.0x120x90    
Asus Fonepad 7 K012C11P132739104.0x91x91    
DNS AirTab M83g4114010260004.1x140x102    
DNS AirTab MC1011P4511913080004.5x119x130    
DNS AirTabe E78PL 367010530003.6x70x105    
DNS Airtab P8429710850004.2x97x108    
Digma Optima TT7024AVX3248147PL25003.2x48x147    
Digma Plane 78 3G35709530003.5x70x95    
Digma iDj735749528003.5x74x95    
EKEN A13GL 38427012004.0x70x100    
Effire ColorBook TR701WDL 40708020004.0x70x80    
Explay B74PL 345315025003.4x53x150    
Explay Informer 701427887 SGR18530004.2x78x87    
Explay Informer 703427887 SGR18530004.2x78x87    
Explay onliner1PL44709331004.4x68x97    
Huawei MediaPad 7HB3G1H40004.0x68x126    
Hyundai T7WKY 37758928003.7x75x89    
Iconbit Nettab Matrix HDHX 45808835004.5x80x88    
Irbis TX18PL324814725003.2x48x147    
Irbis TX34PL324814725003.2x48x147    
Irbis TX37PL324814725003.2x48x147    
Irbis TZ8623310010040003.3x100x100    
Lenovo IdeaTab A3000L12T1P3336504.0x81x108    
Lenovo IdeaTab A5500L13D1P3242903.0x100x114
Lenovo IdeaTab A7600L11C2P3263503.0x62x147    
Lenovo TAB 2 A7-20L13D1P3134503.0x87x100    
Lenovo Tab 4 TB-7504XL16D1P3335003.0x84x94    
Lenovo Tab 4 TB-X304LL16D2P3170003.0x168x94    
Lexand LT-127HX 295312825002.9x53x158    
ONDA V811DPC 377513145003.7x75x131    
Oysters T7D 3GBJ405711330004.0x57x113    
Pocketbook SURFpadTPC 377010630003.7x70x106    
Prestigio Multipad 4 PMT7077_3GBT-D011S47003.0x84x144
Prestigio Multipad Ultra PMP367JCQ 407010032004.0x70x100    
Prestigio PER3152BDAK 41677220004.1x67x72    
Ritmix RBK-420JK 40508020004.0x50x80    
Ritmix RBK-429SP 40558020004.0x55x80    
Ritmix RBK-470YT407010040004.0x70x100    
Ritmix RBK-475YT407010040004.0x70x100    
Ritmix RMD-1035P3511314068003.5x113x140    
Ritmix RMD-520WW 58528030005.8x52x80    
Samsung GT-P3100 Galaxy Tab 2SP4960C3B4000    
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 SM-T23EB-BT230FBE40003.5x101x78    
Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T555EB-BT550ABE6000    
TEXET TM-7023TE-PL357910630003.5x79x106    
TeXet TM-97413511314068003.5x113x140    
Texet TB-431HDAM 50375912005.0x37x59    
Texet TB-715AHX40609030004.0x60x90    
Texet TB-721HDJK 30689320003.0x68x93    
Texet TB-740HDJK 35639522003.5x63x95    
Texet TM 7055HD435214032004.3x52x140    
Texet TM-7024DPC385113530003.8x51x135    
Texet TM-7043DDPC 40659035004.0x65x90    
Texet TM-7043XDDPC 40719030004.0x71x90    
Texet TM-7858 Navipad 8PL 3010110033003.0x101x100    
Texet TM-8041HDDPC 377513145003.7x75x131    
Wexler Book T7001YT40717520504.0x71x75    
Wexler Book T7002SD 325713030003.2x57x130    
Wexler Book T7004YT35658723003.5x65x87    
Wexler Book T7008YT436010530004.3x60x105    
Wexler Book T7055P35739224003.5x73x92    
Wexler Book T705530709026003.0x70x90    
Wexler Tab 7000478011240004.7x80x112
Wexler Tab 7iYT 704512045007.0x45x120    
Wexler Tab 7iSAE387511040003.8x75x110    
Wexler Tab 8001P556213351005.5x62x133    




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