Amazon Kindle e-readers

The majority of Americans and Englishmen at words "the electronic book" imagine the Amаzon Kindle. The American company Amazon is the leading manufacturer of electronic books in the world. Now there are issued four models of electronic books: Kindle Touch Special Offer, Kindle 3 Wi-Fi, Kindle 4 Special offer, Kindle Paperwhite. All models are equipped by screen E-Ink Pearl with the size of 6 inches, have the qualitative plastic case of a small thickness. These models are issued by the company in two variants - in ordinary and in a variant with the advertising blocks appearing on the book at power on, sold on lower price. Such low price became possible at the expense of payment of a part of cost of the book by advertisers. Moreover, on money of advertisers Amazon supports the electronic Internet library. So cost of the electronic book from Amazon includes access on Wi-Fi to its electronic library with possibility of downloading of some free books.

AMAZON KINDLE, PAPERWHITE, Touch Special Offer, Kindle 3 Wi-Fi, Kindle 4 Special offer

Touch Special Offer Kindle 3 Wi-Fi 4 Special offer Paperwhite

Model Touch Special Offer differs from three other models absence of command keys and presence of the touch screen. Browsing of pages and management of the book is carried out only by means of the touch screen.

Kindle 3 Wi-Fi has the high-grade keyboard located under the screen. On the one hand it raises functionality of the device, with another increases its sizes.

Model 4 Special offer hasn't touch screen. It is equipped by "navigation" buttons in the bottom part of the case under the screen, and also convenient keys for browsing of the pages, located on each side cases.

Kindle Paperwhite is a latest model of devices for the reading, developed company Amazon. The device screen touch, e-ink HD (758x1024 points) has received name Paperwhite. Distinctive feature of this model is presence of smoothly adjustable light-emitting diode illumination with which it is possible to read in the dark. Kindle Paperwhite is issued in two updatings: with support wi-fi only or with support wi-fi and 3G. All other functional possibilites the reader practically do not differ from Touch Special Offer.

Kindle Paperwhite 2013 is a modification of Kindle Paperwhite, which is using new generation E-ink screen - E-ink Carta, which has higher contrast of pictures. Other characteristics and appearance of the model of 2013 year are the same.

Amazon Kindle Voyage

Kindle Voyage is a novelty from Amazon. The construction of this reader, to compare with Paperwhite model, was significantly changed. In promotional information is said that it's the thinnest e-reader. It's thickness is just 7,6 mm and weight is 186 g. Apply a rather unusual shape of the case, power button is now located on the back of the case to the right. To the left and to the right of the screen there are touch keys for scrolling, that lets the user comfortably hold the device by any hand.

The screen of this device today doesn't have any analogues. It is touch E-ink Carta with diagonal of 6 inches and a new resolution - 1080h1440 points. It has backlight, which intensity depends on the level of exterior lighting. So, the darker is in the room, the brighter is the backlight. There is installed special tempered glass with anti-reflective coating to protect the screen from mechanical damages.

Memory volume, which is available to user is 4 Gb. This model still doesn't have a connector for inserting a memory card.

Price of the device at the moment is just astronomical.

General characteristics for all e-book readers:

The majority of lacks of the software of these models can be eliminated installation of a foreign update with a program for reading of text COOLREADER, how to make it is written here: Alternative firmware.

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The table of parametres.

Display and flash card Formats of files Fonts and bookshelf Complete set and functions

Mo­del of e-rea­der Disp­lay Flash ca­rd
Di­a­go­nal Type Re­so­lu­tion Cont­rast Touch­scre­en Back­light SD Mic­ro SD
AMAZON KINDLE 3 Wi-Fi6E-ink Pearl600 x 80010:1    
AMAZON KINDLE 4 Special offer6E-ink Pearl600 x 80010:1    
AMAZON KINDLE 5 Special offer6E-ink Pearl600 x 80010:1    
AMAZON KINDLE 7 Special offer6E-ink Pearl600 x 80010:1    
AMAZON KINDLE DX9.7E-ink Pearl825 x 120010:1    
AMAZON KINDLE OASIS6E-ink Carta HD1072 x 144815:1    
AMAZON KINDLE Paperwhite6E-ink Pearl HD758 x 102412:1    
AMAZON KINDLE Paperwhite 20136E-ink Carta758 x 102415:1    
AMAZON KINDLE Paperwhite 20156E-ink Carta HD1072 x 144815:1    
AMAZON KINDLE Touch Special Offer6E-ink Pearl600 x 80010:1    
AMAZON KINDLE Voyage6E-ink Carta HD1072 x 144815:1    

Mo­del of e-rea­der Text for­mats
AMAZON KINDLE 3 Wi-Fi        
AMAZON KINDLE 4 Special offer        
AMAZON KINDLE 5 Special offer        
AMAZON KINDLE 7 Special offer        
AMAZON KINDLE Paperwhite        
AMAZON KINDLE Paperwhite 2013        
AMAZON KINDLE Paperwhite 2015        
AMAZON KINDLE Touch Special Offer        
AMAZON KINDLE Voyage        

Mo­del of e-rea­der Font / text Book shelf
TTF Car­ryings Foot­no­tes Fol­ders on a SD-card Fi­le na­mes Au­tors / book na­mes Book co­vers Fi­le ma­na­ger
AMAZON KINDLE 3 Wi-Fi        
AMAZON KINDLE 4 Special offer        
AMAZON KINDLE 5 Special offer        
AMAZON KINDLE 7 Special offer        
AMAZON KINDLE Paperwhite        
AMAZON KINDLE Paperwhite 2013        
AMAZON KINDLE Paperwhite 2015        
AMAZON KINDLE Touch Special Offer        
AMAZON KINDLE Voyage        

Mo­del of e-rea­der Equ­ip­ment You can down­lo­ad OS WiFi User ma­nu­al
USB ca­ble Char­ger Co­ver Ap­pli­ca­tions Alt. Firm­wa­re Dic­tio­na­ry
AMAZON KINDLE 3 Wi-Fi      Linux     
AMAZON KINDLE 4 Special offer      Linux     
AMAZON KINDLE 5 Special offer      Linux     
AMAZON KINDLE 7 Special offer      Linux     
AMAZON KINDLE DX      Linux     
AMAZON KINDLE Paperwhite      Linux     
AMAZON KINDLE Paperwhite 2013      Linux     
AMAZON KINDLE Paperwhite 2015      Linux     
AMAZON KINDLE Touch Special Offer      Linux     
AMAZON KINDLE Voyage      Linux     

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What to read?

Sergey Dyachenko, Marina Dyachenko "The Scar". Reaching far beyond sword and sorcery, The Scar is a story of two people torn by disaster, their descent into despair, and their reemergence through love and courage. Sergey and Marina Dyachenko mix dramatic scenes with romance, action and wit, in a style both direct and lyrical. Written with a sure artistic hand, The Scar is the story of a man driven by his own feverish demons to find redemption and the woman who just might save him. Egert is a brash, confident member of the elite guards and an egotistical philanderer. But after he kills an innocent student in a duel, a mysterious man known as "The Wanderer" challenges Egert and slashes his face with his sword, leaving Egert with a scar that comes to symbolize his cowardice. Unable to end his suffering by his own hand, Egert embarks on an odyssey to undo the curse and the horrible damage he has caused, which can only be repaired by a painful journey down a long and harrowing path...

What to read?

Robert J. Sawyer "Wake". Caitlin Decter is young, pretty, feisty, a mathematics genius - and blind. Still, she can surf the net with the best of them, following its complex paths clearly in her mind. But Caitlin's brain long ago co-opted her primary visual cortex to help her navigate online. So when she receives an implant to restore her sight, instead of seeing reality, the landscape of the World Wide Web explodes into her consciousness, spreading out all around her in a riot of colors and shapes. While exploring this amazing realm, she discovers something - some other - lurking in the background. And it's getting more and more intelligent with each passing day. The first of a spellbinding future history trilogy that charts what will happen when the world's first first, and superior, artificial-intelligence is born in the web.

Neil Gaiman "Trigger Warning". From one of the most critically acclaimed and beloved storytellers of our time comes a major new collection of stories and verse "We each have our little triggers ... things that wait for us in the dark corridors of our lives." So says Neil Gaiman in his introduction to Trigger Warning, a remarkable compendium of twenty-five stories and poems that explore the transformative power of imagination.

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