Texet TB-176FL


  • model of the screen: O-paper
  • diagonal, inches: 6
  • touch
  • resolution: 600 x 800 dots
  • contrast: 10:1
  • density 167 dots per inch (ppi)
  • backlight of the screen : yes
  • the size of the workspace of the screen 91x122 mm.
*to compare - si­ze of the text on the pa­ge of a pa­per bo­ok in soft co­ver 84x138 mm., con­trast of the text of a news­pa­per is a­bo­ut 10:1, of la­zer print on whi­te pa­per a­bo­ut 21:1
*How to change the screen on Texet TB-176FL look here.

Slot for a memory card:

  • Micro SD


  • capacity: no data
  • model of a battery: no data
  • one bat­te­ry charge sho­uld suf­fi­ce for brow­ing of 6000 pa­ges

Wi-Fi module: yes

Contents of delivey:

  • e-reader
  • USB-cable
  • cover
  • power adapter USB

Dimensions: 159 x 113 x 10 mm.

Weight: 220 g.

Texet TB-176FL

The model is taken out of production.


  • support of folder's structure: yes
  • factorial programme for reading: Alreader
  • hyphenations in the text: yes
  • Footnotes at the bottom of the page: yes
  • ability of downloading Cool Reader: yes
  • possibility of installation your own fonts: yes
  • possibility of installation extra apps: yes
  • possibility of installation extra dictionaries: yes
¹ - function ap­pe­ars af­ter in­stal­la­ti­on of Cool Reader.


  • files: doesn't show
  • names of books: shows
  • book covers: shows
  • file manager: yes

Supported file formats:


    ² - After in­stal­la­ti­on of Cool Reader ap­pe­ars the a­bi­li­ty to re­ad bo­oks of for­mat FB2

See the instruction

Fonts for Texet TB-176FL

Dictionaries for Texet TB-176FL