The principle of the work of the E-ink display

E-ink screenE-ink display consruction

Base (substrate) is the glass of the screen (for models E-ink Vizplex, Pearl, Karta, Triton) or plastic (for the E-ink Mobius или E-ink Flex) plate thickness slightly less than half a millimeter. There are bottom electrodes, above which is situated a layer of special transparent microcapsules. The diameter of each of mikrokapsules approximately equal to the diameter of a human hair. Microcapsule is the lowest possible point on the e-ink screen.

Дисплей  e-ink Vizplex

Above microcapsules are situated top transporant electrodes which are attached to the top protecting plate of the screen. This plate is made of transparent plastic. Along the contour of the display substrate and the top plate are fastened by sealant.

Inside every microcapsule are put special microbeads, they're the smallest particles of powder of different colors. In black and white screens these particles are only black and white. In color screens are used microbeads of other colors. Producers do not tell us about their quality and quantity. The main feature is the ability of white microbeads to attract to the electrode upon application of a negative potential, and black - at a positive potential.

Upon floating up to the surface of a microcapsule of white microbeads its upper surface is painted white, with floating up black - into black. If the surface of the proportion of white and black microbeads are - the color of such a capsule is shown in gray. Modern e-ink displays models Vizplex, Pearl, Karta, E-ink Mobius can play 16 shades of color from white to black.

After the the voltage is removed from the electrodes microgranules in the microcapsule and remain in the same position that they have taken under the action of an electric field. So the e-ink display consumes power only when the picture is changing.

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