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The Russian company Alkotel lets out devices under trade mark Texet. All books Texet are published nowadays and have six-inch screen E-ink VizPlex. These readers are simple and comprehensible at the price, at the same time have a number of necessary functions.

E-book readers TEXET with E-ink displays

TB-116 TB-216 TB-126 TB-136 TB-146

Model TB-116 - the simple, easy model, capable to meet all basic desires of users. Browsing keys are located only on right side of case that is not always convenient. The screen a diagonal of 6 inches e-ink Vizplex. The device supports all basic formats of text files. Text wrappings are absent. Loadings of fonts and support dictionaries are not present.

Model TB-216 - the following model of the book. Quantity of supported formats of files at level TB-116, have possibility to read DJVU is added. Browsing keys are located on both parties of the screen. Any considerable changes in the software has not appeared.

Model TB-126 - the further development of e-book readers TEXET. That display - 6 inches e-ink Vizplex, possibility of reading of the basic formats of the text, except DJVU. From appendices: a calendar, hours, the receiver.

Model TB-136 Has convenient keys of browsing at the left and to the right of the screen. From new possibilities of a book shelf - ability to show a cover of books.

Model TB-146 has screen E-ink Pearl. From new possibilities of a book shelf - support of zip-archives.

General characteristics for all e-book readers:

Selection of resources of the Internet about e-book readers Texet is in section "Links."

The table of parametres.

Display and flash card Formats of files Fonts and bookshelf Complete set and functions

Model TB-116 TB-216 TB-126 TB-136 TB-146
Diagonal 5"          
Diagonal 6"          
E-Ink Vizplex (600x800)          
E-Ink Pearl (600x800)          
E-Ink Pearl HD (758x1024)          
E-Ink FLEX (758x1024)          
Display with LED backlight          
Slot for a SD-card          
Slot for a microSD-card          

Model TB-116 TB-216 TB-126 TB-136 TB-146
MOBI (PRC)          
Viewing of images JPG/PNG          

Model TB-116 TB-216 TB-126 TB-136 TB-146
Support of loading of TTF-fonts          
Anti-aliasing fonts          
Carryings over to the text in Russian          
Footnotes below on page          
Support of folders on a SD-card          
Display of names of files of e-books          
Display of names of books and authors          
Display of covers of books          
Presence of the file-manager          

Model TB-116 TB-216 TB-126 TB-136 TB-146
Bookcover in the equipment          
Pouch in the equipment          
The power supply in the equipment          
USB-cable in the equipment          
Applications (the calculator, a calendar, games, etc.)          
Uploading of additional dictionaries          
Alternative (not factory) updates          
Wi-Fi module          
User manual                    
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