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The Ukrainian company PocketBook places manufacture of its devices in China. Company Netronix is engaged in manufacturing of these e-book readers. Books qualitative enough execution and as the software is developed with the assistance of the Ukrainian experts the feature set in these devices is very rich and corresponds to our wishes.The firmware will be constantly improved. For books of this firm there is the alternative software, games, and additional applications.


360 Plus Basic 611
Basic New
Pro 602
Pro 612
Mini 515 Touch 622
Touch 623
Touch 624

Models 360 plus and 360 plus new - are unique five-inch screen devices (E-ink VizPlex), let out PocketBook. On parametres they are almost identical, therefore we consider them together. Electronic books of these models are executed in the plastic case with a protective plastic bonnet. The bonnet protects the screen at device transportation, at reading it can be fastened to the bottom part of the case. As a result it is possible to use the book without a cover or a purse. Command keys are located on the right side of case. In the centre the joystick, and from above and from below browsing keys are located. In the book is gyro sensor (accelerometer) which watches the device orientation, correctly turning the image at case turn. For example, if you were tired to thumb through the right hand, turn the device on 180 degrees and thumb through the right hand.

Model Basic 611 - the device with 6-inch screen E-ink VizPlex, is executed in the qualitative plastic case. At this e-book reader of a key of browsing and the joystick are located from below that is not always convenient. Keys soft, are easily pressed. In the rest - a fine combination of rich feature set and the low price. From here and the name: BASIC - base model.

Model Basic New or Pocketbook 613 - practically a copy of electronic book Basic 611 without module Wi-Fi and with a little changed software, sold at lower price.

Model Pro 602 - the device with 6-inch screen E-ink VizPlex, except keys of browsing and the joystick, located below the screen has browsing and exit keys in the menus located on the right, for pressing them a hand thumb. In the book is accelerometer which watches the device orientation, correctly turning text on the screen at case turn. In the rest the book is similar to 611 model.

Model Pro 612 - is device with 6-inch touch screen E-ink VizPlex, differs from model Pro 602 absence of the bottom keys of browsing. Convenience of management of the book has increased in comparison with the previous models thanks to possibility of management of the device by means of the touch screen.

Model Touch 622 - the device with 6-inch touch screen E-ink Pearl. It hasn't lateral keys of browsing, but in the presence of the touch screen in them there is no necessity. The newest model from PocketBook with the greatest feature set and possibilities at enough attractive price.

Model Touch 623 (PocketBook Touch Lux) - Modernization of Touch 622. To all advantages of the model 622 are added adjustable LED backlight. The screen resolution is: E-ink Pearl HD (1024x758 pixels).

Model Touch 624 - Touch 623 copy function without backlight.

Model 515 (PocketBook Mini) - a budget option with five-inch screen reader. In the manufacturer's website stated price 90 dollars. Externally, the device is very similar to a smaller version of PocketBook 613 (PocketBook Basic New). Software PocketBook Mini in appearance and functional structure is also very similar to the PocketBook 613. Screen - E-ink Vizplex 600x800 pixels.

General characteristics for all e-book readers:

To clean a lack of the program of reading it is possible to load the alternative program:
FBReader180 или Coolreader

Selection of resources of the Internet about Pocketbook is in section "Links."

The table of parametres.

Display and flash card Formats of files Fonts and bookshelf Complete set and functions

Model 360 Plus Basic 611 Basic New Pro 602 Pro 612 Touch 622 Touch 623 Touch 624 Mini (515)
Diagonal 5"                  
Diagonal 6"                  
E-Ink Vizplex (600x800)                  
E-Ink Pearl (600x800)                  
E-Ink Pearl HD (758x1024)                  
E-Ink FLEX (758x1024)                  
Display with LED backlight                  
Slot for a SD-card                  
Slot for a microSD-card                  

Model 360 Plus Basic 611 Basic New Pro 602 Pro 612 Touch 622 Touch 623 Touch 624 Mini (515)
MOBI (PRC)                  
Viewing of images JPG/PNG                  

Model 360 Plus Basic 611 Basic New Pro 602 Pro 612 Touch 622 Touch 623 Touch 624 Mini (515)
Support of loading of TTF-fonts                  
Anti-aliasing fonts                  
Carryings over to the text in Russian                  
Footnotes below on page                  
Support of folders on a SD-card                  
Display of names of files of e-books                  
Display of names of books and authors                  
Display of covers of books                  
Presence of the file-manager                  

Model 360 Plus Basic 611 Basic New Pro 602 Pro 612 Touch 622 Touch 623 Touch 624 Mini (515)
Bookcover in the equipment                  
Pouch in the equipment                  
The power supply in the equipment                  
USB-cable in the equipment                  
Applications (the calculator, a calendar, games, etc.)                  
Uploading of additional dictionaries                  
Alternative (not factory) updates                  
Wi-Fi module                  
User manual                                    


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