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The international company ONYX International specialises on release of electronic books and delivers them in variety of the European countries, including Russia. It has let out already some models of electronic books from which for today in shops models i62 and i63 series.


i62m Victoria, i62m Albatros, i62m Dream differ from each other only in colour of the case and the price. The case of model Victoria is black, Albatros - white, Dream - grey. The screen of devices - E-ink Pearl touch, a diagonal of 6 inches, the permission is standard - 600 on 800 points. At model Dream the screen touch E-ink Pearl HD with the permission 758 on 1024 points. All models have module Wi-fi, the Internet browser, support almost all formats of files. Browsing keys on electronic books are located on both sides that allows to hold equally conveniently them by any hand. Loading of additional applications, games and fonts TTF are realised. There is a quite good file manager for management of files.

Very interesting developers have approached to realisation of reading of documents. In the menu of "ADJUSTMENT" for reading of formats FB2 and EPUB it is possible to choose one of two programs for reading the most popular in Russia - FBReader, established on all readers Pocketbook, or CoolReader, established on LBOOK reader. In the last case footnotes in the text should be displayed in the bottom of page.

Complete set Onyx BOOX i62M also the worthy: the Book, an USB-cable, the charger, a strong bookcover.

ONYX BOOK i63SL Kepler, i63ML Kopernik, i63ML Maxwell

i63SL Kepler, i63ML Kopernik, i63ML Maxwell the next series of models of e-books from ONYX BOOX. Device design has not changed. Two the most important differences from the series i63 i62 – using of Android operating system and adjustable LED backlight. Screen devices - E-ink Pearl HD, 6-inch diagonal, high resolution - 758 x 1024 pixels.

A model i63SL Kepler screen is not touch, no module wi-fi, but there is an audio jack for ear phones, internal memory - 4 Gb.

Модель i63ML Kopernik is different from Kepler merely the absence of a jack for ear phones.

Модель i63ML Maxwell Maxwell model has a touch screen, wi-fi module and internal memory of 8 Gb. There is no jack for ear phones.

All models allow you to use additional applications for android format. Apk. Bookshelf readers is improved for a little. Now it shows the book covers, but still does not show the titles and authors' names. Function keys are located on the sides of the device, they can be swapped, but unfortunately can’t be configured to simultaneously flipping pages and the left and right arrow keys.

Grade Onyx BOOX i63 remains the same: The Book, USB-cable, charger, durable bookcover.

Short about characteristics:

Foreign applications and updates: Games for Onyx BOOX i62M.

Selection of resources of the Internet aboutOnyx BOOX is in section "Links."

The table of parametres.

Display and flash card Formats of files Fonts and bookshelf Complete set and functions

Model i62M i63SL Kepler i63ML Kopernik i63ML Maxwell
Diagonal 5"        
Diagonal 6"        
E-Ink Vizplex        
E-Ink Pearl        
E-Ink Pearl HD (758x1024)        
E-Ink FLEX (758x1024)        
Display with LED backlight        
Slot for a SD-card        
Slot for a microSD-card        

Model i62M i63SL Kepler i63ML Kopernik i63ML Maxwell
MOBI (PRC)        
Viewing of images JPG/PNG        

Model i62M i63SL Kepler i63ML Kopernik i63ML Maxwell
Support of loading of TTF-fonts        
Anti-aliasing fonts        
Carryings over to the text in Russian        
Footnotes below on page        
Support of folders on a SD-card        
Display of names of files of e-books        
Display of names of books and authors        
Display of covers of books        
Presence of the file-manager        

Model i62M i63SL Kepler i63ML Kopernik i63ML Maxwell
Bookcover in the equipment        
Pouch in the equipment        
The power supply in the equipment        
USB-cable in the equipment        
Applications (the calculator, a calendar, games, etc.)        
Uploading of additional dictionaries        
Alternative (not factory) updates        
Wi-Fi module        
User manual                
Official site WWW.ONYX-BOOX.RU

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