Device with a e-ink screen of 4.3 inches

Until now, we have considered the portable ebook with screen sizes 5 , 6, 8 , 9.7 inches. Now let's talk about the devices with the smallest of the books used in the electronic screen diagonal of 4.3 inches . These displays're produces by chinese corporation OED Technologies CO., LTD. Their detailed specifications are here. Readers with these screens are very compact . Their size is about a passport , so you can easily put it into your pocket.

All three models we'll talk about are very similar to each other . It seems that the insides of the readers is practically identical. Differences - only in case design and construction side scrolling buttons. The software of these devices is very simple and contains a minimal set of features that affect their price. Today it's about two thousand roubles.

Ritmix RBK-200, Texet TB-436, Texet TB-504

Ritmix RBK-200 Texet TB-436 Texet TB-504

Model Ritmix RBK-200 is equipped with buttons turning on both sides of the display and it's very convenient . You can keep this e-book for both right and left hand. It doesnt Include cover, but there is a soft case. It's weight is only 110 grams reader .

Texet TB-436 is also equipped with turning buttons on both sides of the display. Case is visually more rigid and durable than in Ritmix. There are footnotes in text format FB2, but they're not located at the bottom of the page, but they're introduced into the text and enclosed in square brackets . Shifts in words do not comply Russian language.

Model Texet TB-504 doesn't have turning buttons on the left of the screen. Software is not unlike TB- 436. This book comes without cover, and with full cover.

Basic parameters of electronic books with a screen diagonal of 4.3 inches in the table.

The table of parametres.

Display and flash card Formats of files Fonts and bookshelf Complete set and functions

Model Ritmix RBK-200 Texet TB-436 Texet TB-504
Diagonal 4.3"      
O-paper (OED Holding Ltd.) (600x800)      
Display with LED backlight      
Slot for a SD-card      
Slot for a microSD-card      

Model Ritmix RBK-200 Texet TB-436 Texet TB-504
MOBI (PRC)      
Viewing of images JPG/PNG      

Model Ritmix RBK-200 Texet TB-436 Texet TB-504
Support of loading of TTF-fonts      
Anti-aliasing fonts      
Carryings over to the text in Russian      
Footnotes below on page      
Support of folders on a SD-card      
Display of names of files of e-books      
Display of names of books and authors      
Display of covers of books      
Presence of the file-manager      

Model Ritmix RBK-200 Texet TB-436 Texet TB-504
Bookcover in the equipment      
Pouch in the equipment      
The power supply in the equipment      
USB-cable in the equipment      
Applications (the calculator, a calendar, games, etc.)      
Uploading of additional dictionaries      
Alternative (not factory) updates      
Wi-Fi module      
User manual            

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