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Trade mark DIGMA belongs to company Nippon Klick Co., which central office is located in Hong Kong. This company specialises on sale of portable electronic technics in countries of Eastern Europe. Now in retail 9 models of electronic books with the display of type E-ink in the size 5 - 6 inches arrive. The manufacturer for all readers declares good enough technical characteristics at rather low price.

DIGMA E5, E6, E500, E501, E601HD, E602W, E605T, E605F

e601hd s602

Models e500 и e501 - The five-inch models different from each other only by type of the screen. For е500 it E-Ink Vizplex, and for е501 - E-Ink Pearl. Compact enough electronic books with support of all basic formats of text files. Browsing of pages is carried out by the keys located in the bottom of the screen on each side. Between with them there is a joystick serving for navigation under the menu and managements by operation modes of the book.

Model e601hd - Six-inch model with display E-Ink Pearl HD more high resolution. In all before considered devices the display had the permission 600 on 800 points. At this display the permission 758 on 1024 points thanks to what the text and images on the screen look better. Browsing keys on these readers are conveniently located to the right of the screen.

Models s602 и s602w - Both with screen E-ink Pearl HD the permission 758 on 1024 points. These readers have the high-grade keyboard, and for browsing of pages the keys located to the left of the display and accelerometer sensor are used, allowing after device turn correctly to overturn the text on the screen. In the menu of these electronic books there was an application - a calendar. Difference of model s602w from s602 only available module Wi-fi and the Internet browser.

rather recently in sale two budgetary models - e5 and e6 have arrived. The price of such devices does not exceed 4000 roubles. Model e6 has the six-inch display e-ink Vizplex, and model e5 - its reduced copy with the five-inch screen. The feature set of these readers is cut as much as possible down, but despite it they support all basic text formats. Browsing keys are left only on left to the device side, all other actions are made by means of the joystick located under the screen.

Last working out of company Nippon Klick Co. Readers s605 and s605f are. These are models with the greatest possibilities. Is Possibility of use of dictionaries, book shelf shows not only names of files, but also covers of books, and also names of authors. From applications notes and FM-radio are added a calendar. The explorer allows to copy, delete and rename files and folders. The model screen s605 E-ink Pearl HD (the permission 758x1024). Model s605f has flexible shock-resistant screen E-ink Flex (the permission 758x1024).

General characteristics for all e-book readers:

Selection of resources of the Internet about electronic books Digma is in section

The table of parametres.

Display and flash card Formats of files Fonts and bookshelf Complete set and functions

Model e500 e501 e601hd s602 s602w e5 e6 s605 s605f
Diagonal 5"                  
Diagonal 6"                  
E-Ink Vizplex (600x800)                  
E-Ink Pearl (600x800)                  
E-Ink Pearl HD (758x1024)                  
E-Ink Flex (758x1024)                  
Display with LED backlight                  
Slot for a SD-card                  
Slot for a microSD-card                  

Model e500 e501 e601hd s602 s602w e5 e6 s605 s605f
MOBI (PRC)                  
Viewing of images JPG/PNG                  

Model e500 e501 e601hd s602 s602w e5 e6 s605 s605f
Support of loading of TTF-fonts                  
Anti-aliasing fonts                  
Carryings over to the text in Russian                  
Footnotes below on page                  
Support of folders on a SD-card                  
Display of names of files of e-books                  
Display of names of books and authors                  
Display of covers of books                  
Presence of the file-manager                  

Model e500 e501 e601hd s602 s602w e5 e6 s605 s605f
Bookcover in the equipment                  
Pouch in the equipment                  
The power supply in the equipment                  
USB-cable in the equipment                  
Applications (the calculator, a calendar, games, etc.)                  
Uploading of additional dictionaries                  
Alternative (not factory) updates                  
Wi-Fi module                  
User manual                                    
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